AXOR rohe Axor Starck - When thermostat for exposed fitting DN15

Hansgrohe Axor Starck - Wannenthermostat Aufputz DN15

Product details

_General 供应商 AXOR
产品系列 Starck Organic
类别 明装浴缸恒温龙头
型号 2路出水
产品编号 12410000-HG
设计 Philippe Starck
发货时间 约1到2周发货
类型 extravagant
品级 luxurious
_Measurements 出水嘴长度 (毫米) 218
_Characteristics 连接 螺纹连接G1/2"
接口尺寸 1/2″ - DN 15
3巴水压下的最大流速 28.0 升/分钟
喷洒模式 常规型
喷射角度 60°
阀芯类型 恒温阀芯
温度限制器 带可调温度限制器,最高40°C的安全防护
固定 壁挂式(明装)
防回流装置 有防回流装置
消音器 有消音器
Number of outlets 2 outlets
转换开关 带切断阀 / 分流阀
_Colors-Coating-Material 材质 黄铜
颜色 镀铬
饰面类型 闪亮

Product description

Hansgrohe Axor Starck - When thermostat for exposed fitting DN15

  • spout 218 mm long
  • designed to run two outlets
  • thermostat cartridge, shut-off/diverter valve
  • safety stop at 40°C to protect against accidentally hot temperatures (scalding protection)
  • maximum temperature can be adjusted on installation
  • flow rate: 20 l/min
  • operating pressure: minimum 1 bar / maximum 10 bar
  • normal spray (extensive, rich jet)
  • non-return valve
  • with silencer
  • centre distance: 150 mm ± 12 mm
  • includes: metal escutcheon
  • exposed design allows easy installation, all working parts are outside of the wall


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